Professional Media services tailored for
Professionals in Real Estate

No matter if you’re a realtor, vacation rental host, residential or commercial landlord. Your goal is to “sell” your property rather sooner than later by presenting the property to your target audience in the best way possible. Most prospects will start their search for properties online and are only willing to spend a short amount of time on each offer due to the overwhelming amount of offers available. That’s where my expertise comes in as a big benefit for your business. I can create all relevant and high converting media assets in one package. That includes professional photography, videography, drone images, and interactive virtual tours. Take a look at some of my work  below.

Reach more potential customers with
Virtual Tours

Since the pandemic we’ve learned how quickly industries can be impacted by unprecedented times like we’ve experience in the past couple of years. Even though virtual tours have already existed in the past, their importance has increased due to not being able to meet in-person. It’s always better to be prepared and it’s a feature that today’s customer expect.

Show a new perspective with
Drone footage

Many cities like Columbus, Ohio are growing and areas/neighborhoods are rapidly changing. Images on Google Maps can’t keep up with the fast pace which means that certain areas and properties may not look as appealing on Google Maps because images were taken several years ago.

High Quality Photography
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